by jerrontables

I’m not sure if I’m comfortable sharing how much I actually knew at that point in my career and how much I was just guessing. One thing I was sure of: I did not want to impose. She had not left the house for three days (I know because I had ScoutMaster 3000s all over that bad boy parameter and not roach nor dust spec could breathe without my knowing of it. It was impeccable. It was unscrupulous!). I was great watcher and kept a very careful eye, but I will tell you this: I am not the creeping kind. I am protector.

You tell me of the shadows, whole unbeknownst, that lurk in the daytime, under the very sunlight, under the very nose tips of your loved ones. You tell me to the teethed evils sky-popping, splitting waves, hopping dimension for the blood they smell. It’s the taint that leads them. They smell it all the way from Number Nine.

You cannot speak to me of malformed grotesque, or the breath of evil and whose mouth, and so you cannot dub me The Creep. I sit and I judge wind and I eyeball the live feed from up here in this tree. In fact, you cannot tell me anything. It is through here that I communicate and these words are one way. You will not find me. You will not notice, spot, sight, see me even should you gaze with ultra intensity at my space. You cannot capture my image through meditation, concentration, advocation, or summonation. Here I am.

They call me Theodore. I am Aura 2382 and my assignment was Aura 549903217652. That was her tree and from there I stared intently at and around her place of living. I was new to the ranks of high intelligences. I was recently promoted. My lower level records were stupendous. I was well-regarded and superbly awarded; if you could find my hall of honor, you could never find your way out of it–the labyrinth it was!–but I was to leave nothing to chance.

Before we released Wikipedia, we’d been using it 72 total eons. I did my research. The ScoutMaster 3000 was second to forget-about-it, it trailed the tail of zilchness, ate the dust of only it’s own wind as it sped the expanse, spanned the universe with the most peerless of ease.

So, she hadn’t left in a couple of days. You see, normally we leave privacy of the home to chance. In the outside we follow. When they’re inside, I sit in this tree with my ScoutMaster. We are issued monitors. Fire, excessive water, routine-impingement, but interaction is limited when the aura is in the abode. We also have the GA Instinction and other astral intuitions. None of these had been triggered. She had not left.

I watched the front door. I scanned my ScoutMaster, resynced my synchrons, twiddled my thumbs, phoned back to base.

Who’s the what and where does it give? I had to go in.

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